About Us

Dr. iQ is an online consultation platform for NHS GPs, providing fast, safe and
effective Online Consultation, reducing the need to request and wait for a
face-to-face GP appointment.

Dr. iQ was developed by a team of six senior GPs. Dr. iQ enables GPs to improve efficiency through triaging patient requests, ensuring that the right people deal with requests at the right time and improving patient flows within the practice.

Dr. iQ is powered by AT Tech. AT Tech aims to transform the way in which care is delivered to patients, to enhance access and to improving GP resilience by leveraging technology. AT Tech is supported by AT Medics, the largest GP provider in England, who contribute through highly experienced GP-led clinical input and design, user acceptance testing and co-design through a patient population of 250,000 and 650 General Practice staff members, and as a broader test bed to demonstrate proof of concept at local and at-scale levels. This combination of technology with a digitally mature Primary Care provider is unique and demonstrates the efficacy of AT Tech solutions.